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The poverty in the US, 2019.
The United States is an Ocean Nation - Exclusive Economic Zone of the U.S.
Candidates who are leading in polls for the Democratic Primary by state. DISCLAIMER: Polling data for the following states may...
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Adult Obesity Prevalence Map
In February 20,000 US troops will deploy to Europe in the largest deployment to Europe since the end of the Cold War
Metropolitan States of America: The 50 states redrawn such that no metropolitan area crosses state lines.
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Map of "The United States of Canada" (Blue) and "Jesusland" (Red), a popular internet meme following the 2004 US Presidential...
Power plant type and output in the United States during December 2018
Population of U.S. states in millions
U.S. Rivers Scaled to Flow Rate
Tree Height in the Eastern US
United States of Lasagna: States that have a town/county named “Garfield”.
Most Disproportionately Common Surname in Each State.
Colleges, Universities and Professional Schools in the Lower 48 United States by total enrollment.
The United States and Canada at the same latitudes as Europe.
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Drug overdose mortality rate by state
Amish Population
Every Aldi grocery store in the continental United States.
Iran superimposed on the US, but it's rotated to encompass as many major cities as possible
Irish ancestry in the USA and Canada
Most common Foreign Births in the United States
Most Expensive States in America
In July, The U.S. Census Bureau conducted its last population count before the next census in April 2020. Here are which states...
More people live in the orange area than in all blue areas combined.
Snowfall totals from the last decade, in feet.
Venezuela is closer to the US than to Mexico.
How each state's Senators voted on the 1964 Civil Rights Act
Median Income in North America
Population Density map of the United States of America and Canada
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Map of Civilian Gun Ownership, 2017.
Italian ancestry in the USA and Canada
Gerrymander the Electoral College.
Population of Pigs in the USA, 1900.
Lung cancer incidence rates per state
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United states of America 8-bit pixel map. Full album >>
Map Of Mixed Raced Schools By Percentage In Southern States 1964
Tornado paths over the continental USA for the past 70 years
Excluding English and Spanish, what is the most common language in each US state
French ancestry in the United States and Canada
Density of Businesses with "Great Plains" in their Name.
Density of businesses with "Dixie" in their name
United States mean annual wind speed
Most effective camouflage by regional ecotype in the US.
Most Viewed Categories by Women on a popular adult website in the US, 2019.
Domestic migration in the United States.
Life Expectancy at birth by state
This maps shows the fictional locations of 52 TV homes across the United States.
Annual rainfall in the contiguous United States
Vanity plates that say DROPOUT
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The United States, Sized by Their Annual Spending on Health Care Per Capita
Legality of Exchanging Money for Either Recreational Weed or Machine Guns, by US State, as of 2020.