Other maps of the US

Where a motorcycle helmet is required, and not.
Indian Reservations in the Continental United States.
Average work hours per week (average renter wage) needed to afford a typical 1-bedroom apartment.
Percentage of electricity produced by renewable sources, by US state.
Map of every American city. Related:  Map of every European city
Worlds largest metropolitan areas populations fitted into US states.
The New York Times' cartogram version of the U.S. District Map.
Native American Reservations.
Average age per American state.
Official mid-term election tally.
USA 1912 Elections - Socialist Party of America.
Same-sex couples with an API householder per 1,000 households.
2018 US Midterm Poll Closing Times by Congressional District. All times in EST.
Socialist Percent of the vote in the Presidential Election of 1912.
Public opinion of gay marriage by USA state by percent of population.
Map of the Confederate States of America, 1860-1865.
Rates of Smoking, Obesity, and Excessive Drinking in the US encoded into a single map.
City Constellations: The 5 Largest Cities in Each American State, mapped.
Where real estate prices are rising the fastest in the United States, 2018.
Here’s how much Obamacare premiums will increase in every state
The Big Issues You’re Seeing on TV: Health Care, Taxes and Jobs Issue mentioned most often in ads in House, Senate and...
1880 USA electoral college map: Rep. Garfield won over Dem. Hancock.
Headquarters of the Top 30 U.S. Companies by Revenue in 2018.
Reptile Diversity in the United States.
South East Asian Languages in US and Canada.
The sagebrush steppe is one of the largest and most imperiled ecosystems in North America. It is also the only habitat where...
America is home to more than 93,000 graveyards and cemeteries.
Contribution to national GDP by US state.
The 25 United States of America.
National Parks of the United States by John Nelson.
Stone map of the US.
200 Years of U.S. immigration - split by State and arranged geographically - looks like the rings of trees. Further explanation...
Two suspicious packages found Thursday addressed to former Vice President Joe Biden and another sent to Robert De Niro at his...
States of the United States of America by Date of Admission to the Union.
US states that prohibit housing discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity.
Countries with higher Life Expectancy than the US.
United States by Average Elevation.
More people live inside the red area than the grey area.
The movement for a $15-an-hour minimum wage got a boost earlier this month when Amazon – which has drawn criticism for its pay...
Largest Christian Denomination in the United States.
American Firearm Ownership by US State, 2015.
US Tourist and Business Visa Refusal Rate.
Population density by US state.
Pro-choice v pro-life governors in US.
U.S. and European Age Restrictions (Driving, Smoking, Drinking).
The continental United States compared in size to Antarctica.
Canada has legalized marijuana — this map shows every US state that has legalized marijuana
Population Density - US Cities.
USA North - South division, 4 methods.
USA East - West division, 4 methods.
Bird Diversity in the US.
Median household income in the US.
The National Wild and Scenic River System, which protects waterways from damning and development. There were 19 protected rivers...
Union memberships in the US.
Percentage of Self-Identified White Americans with 1% or more of African Ancestry.
U.S. racial and ethnic diversity, mapped block by block. Interactive map >>
Days per year with a low temperature warmer than the normal high.
Most widespread mother tongues in the US after English and Spanish.
Largest enrolled medicare advantage lives by insurance company by state.
Cannabis Laws in the USA.