Other maps of the US

A map of Delta Airlines routes.
Comparing the education level in each of the 50 states to a corresponding country.
Most upvoted choices for "People getting off planes in Hawaii immediately get a lei, If this same tradition applied to the rest...
Map of the Negotiated Boundaries between the United States and Mexico following the Mexican-American War.
Most Binged TV Shows By US State.
Hypothetical nuclear fallout map depicted by the department of defense.
Orange and Red Areas have Equal Populations.
Day of last spring freeze, based on U.S. climate records spanning 30 years:
Red and Orange Areas have Equal Populations.
Llama decline in the United States, 2002-2017. There were nearly 145,000 llamas in the United States in 2002. By 2017, however,...
Pivot Counties, Counties that voted Obama in 2008, Obama in 2012 and then Trump in 2016.
Reviewing more than 200 million test scores to spotlight U.S. school districts with the nation’s worst achievement gaps.
Minimum wage to rent two bedroom apartment.
The original Thirteen Colonies, extended from coast to splendid coast.
U.S. Education Spending Map.
Peru stretches from Philadelphia to Dallas when placed over the U.S.
Taft vs. Roosevelt: the candidate with more votes in the 1912 election.
Most common majors by US state.
Northeast Megalopolis. As of 2010, it had a population of 52 million, 17% of the US the US’ total population.