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Countries that the USA has bombed since the end of WW2.
The last time every state voted for the opposite party of the one they chose in the 2016 election.
Contiguous US if current time zones were used as borders and land was swapped accordingly.
Soviet map of US industry, 1959.
In 18 states and the District of Columbia, Latino children accounted for at least 20% of public school kindergarten students in...
Combined Statistical Areas by Percentage of People Living in the Principal City
Google search interest in Canada vs Mexico.
US region map from a Michigan perspective.
Largest Hispanic Origin Group by State,
Largest non-Christian religion by state in USA, 2010.
During the Napoleonic wars the Americans loaned money from British banks to buy Louisiana from France. So technically the...
United States current travel advisories.
The 1924 US election.
U.S. License Plate Map.
Map of America before the 1846-1848 Mexican American War.
Likely homosexual household.
Map of United States Air Route Traffic Control Center coverage areas. Each region handles radar coverage for the entire area.
Top dating apps by state.
Most Popular Social Network by State.
How long $1 million in retirement last in each state.
Man in the High Castle map of the United States.
Presidential Burial Sites.
Grizzly Bear Range in 1850 compared to 1920, also with the year a Grizzly was last sighted in each state.
Democratic candidates with the most individual donors. All candidates, and all candidates excluding Sanders.
Mass shootings in the United States in 2019.
Westbound Trails of 1860.
U.S States where palm trees grow naturally.
White Americans by state 2064.
Latitude Battle US vs AUS.
How large the Amazon really is? Amazon: ~2,700,000 sq mi (7,000,000 km2) | Contiguous US: ~3,100,000 sq mi (8,000,000 km2).
The Richest Person in every US State, 2019.
US mainland railway network. Data from the TIGER shapediles. Plotted using d3.
Bachelor's degree or higher, percent of persons above age 25.
Representatives calling for Impeachment by State, as of July 30th 2019.
Counties in the United States in which over 90% of the population speaks English at home.
Before and after: The Democratic Debate in search.
Using Google Maps, and limited with 10 waypoints for directions, this is AN optimal vehicle traverse through MOST of the...
United States Based on Biggest Cities by Population.
How America Utilizes Its Land.
Results of the 1984 United States Presidential election by county. The most lopsided election in history, the only state Reagan...
Percent of Vehicles Purchased from American Companies per US State.
Cities of Reddit: Local US Subreddits With 50k or More Subscribers.
Most Popular Ice Cream flavors by State.
Percent of Households that Owned Slaves, 1860.
China and the U.S. mainland overlaid at the same latitudes.
Electoral College versus Popular Vote.
Map of the 5,600 people killed by Police since 2000 Interactive map >>
Genetic Clusters in the United States.
GDP growth of North American regions.
Minimum Wage by state, 2019.
Average male height by state.
Wettest month of the year in the United States.
States where it is possible for an adult to legally marry someone below the age of consent
Intentional homicide rate compared to the United States.
Salary needed to afford a home in each US state.
Lowest temperature recorded in each U.S. state. Related: Highest temperature
Which US states rely most on federal aid?
Mountain Dew show its support for the rightful owner of the Upper Peninsula,
An old school's relief map.
East Coast vs. West Coast - Two areas of roughly equal population.