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US Map made with Excel.
The best selling artist or band from each state.
Living large: Percentage of homes with five or more bedrooms, by U.S. state.
Garbage Can v Trash Can in the United States.
Craft Breweries per Capita in the US.
Cannabis legality map of the USA in 2018.
Best-selling music artists by US state/territory of origin
Western European regions population compared US States.
Foreign-born people in the United States, 1917.
Map of the american south showing types of crops planted there by slaves, 1860.
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US Population per sq. mile.
White Population Growth by State 1990 - 2017.
Percentage of White Americans by state including White-Hispanic.
Average Forest Age in Canada and the contiguous United States.
Heat map of child care costs across the United States.
Optimal routes by car from the geographic center of the contiguous United States to all counties.
These state-level elections could change the balance of power in Congress for a decade State legislators and governors often...
The U.S. House of Representatives.
Lottery Spending Per Person, By State.
Semi/Semitruck v Tractor Trailer v Eighteen-Wheeler in the United States.
Solar Eclipse and Slurpees.
Percent of adults who are worried about global warming.
What do you call a sun-shower?
US States with Gadsden Flag Specialty License Plate.
Gallons of Craft Beer Produced Per Capita.
Highest Paying Companies by US State.
Highest Mountains in the US and Canada.
Pope Francis' statement against the death penalty puts him in opposition to U.S. Catholics, most of whom supported it in a...
Where in the US your car is most likely to be stolen.
Voter Identification Laws in Effect in 2018.
Proportional States of America.
United States Television Markets, 2013.
Things states have more of than any other state, 2015.
Population Growth in the United States by State.
The number of victims killed in each US state by its most prolific serial killer.
Largest employers in the U.S.
U.S. states where anal sex is illegal.
How America Uses It’s Land.
German ancestry in the United States and Canada.
MORE THAN HALF missile/space employment is in western states. Missiles and Rockets, 28 October 1963
Gay Adult Content Consumption by US State.
Countries with more Government Integrity than the USA.
Map of automotive assembly plants in the United States.
Timeline of gay marriage in the United States.
The nation’s most popular independent restaurants
Sheetz vs Wawa Locations: A Geographic Battle for Your Belly
Scenery cheat sheet.
Map of the United States with electoral college power in mind.
Every Starbucks in lower 48 states.
White Americans by US state 2044, based on US Census projections and Pewresearch projections.
The pronunciation of "pecan" across the US.
1803 Louisiana Purchase and other US land acquisitions.
Size of the Moon compared to the US.
Which is bigger: the Contiguous USA or Australia?
The most efficient route between every Springfield in the United States.
Contiguous US proximity to Canada/Mexico border crossing by drive miles w/ population access.
Average Income in each State.
Active Separatist Movements in the United States & Canada.
Persian (Achaemenid) Empire compared to the contiguous United States.